car interior coating supplier

Car Interior Coating

Car interior nano coating helps in preserving your car interior longer and protect against daily use or mishaps when eating in the car. Contact us today regarding our interior nano coatings.

nano car glass coating in Dubai, UAE

Car Glass Coatings

Car Nano Glass Coatings are used for your car windows. It protects your car window from rain and bird drops by providing super hydrophobic effect. Our unique car glass coating also protect your car windows from dust and sand.

car wax polish in Dubai, UAE

Car Wax Polish

Car wax polishing is important for making your car shine before applying any ceramic paint coatings. Our car wax polish is long lasting and provides high gloss finish on your car paint. It comes with a simple DIY application kit allowing you to save AED 200 on car polishing.

waterless car washing kit

Waterless Car Wash

Our innovative waterless car washing kit is the environment friendly and cost saving car washing kit that saves more than AED 1,000 a year on your car washing cost and saves more than 800 liters of water yearly.

car paint scratch remover

Car Paint Scratch Remover

Our DIY car paint scratch removal kits are famous due to easy application and effective performance against hairline scratches and minor paint scratches caused in tight car parkings.

nano ceramic paint coatings supplier in Dubai, UAE

Nano Ceramic Coatings

Looking for nano ceramic coatings in Dubai, UAE? Our range of different nano ceramic coatings protects your car paint longer with easy DIY applications.

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