What is Nano Ceramic Coating?

Nano ceramic car coatings can provide high performance hard oxide layers on your car paint to protect it from corrosion, scratches, sun damage and minor scratches. The main ingredient is SiO2 Silicon Oxide, which is commonly found in nature and widely used in nano ceramic coatings. There demand for high quality ceramic coatings product are now more than ever and their application is not only limited to automotive industry, but widely used in marine, airline industry and buildings as well.

Everyone wants to protect their car paint from Bird Drops, Stone Chips, UV Rays, Acid Rain, Dust and Swirls. Ceramic coatings forms a layer of nanoparticles on your car paint, which protects your car’s paint and the shine. Nano ceramic coating can last for more than 5 years depending on the quality. Ceramic coatings are the best solution to protect your car interior and exterior.

How Car Ceramic Coatings Protects Your Car?

Nano ceramics were discovered in the early 1980s and since then it has revolutionized the car care industry. Most of the ceramic car coatings are SiO2 (Silicon Dioxide) coatings, which forms oxide layer on the surfaces. Ceramic coatings are heat resistance protecting your car from UV rays and can pass nominal fire test as well. Traditional methods of protecting your car like wraps or teflon coatings are still widely used, but car ceramic coatings are now more popular and widely used. These coatings forms a protective layer on car body, protecting the car paint. When experimented by dropping 10 ml in a steel container, nano ceramic coating formed a thick hardened layer of shiny glass like crystal. The same layer is formed on the treated surfaces, which helps in protecting the car paint. This layer has multiple properties like hydrophobic, UV resistance, scratch tolerance, deep gloss and chemical protection. Due to multiple properties, car surfaces are easier to clean and maintain for longer period of time. However, most of the claims are hyped or used as a marketing gimmick nowadays.

Professional Use Car Ceramic Coatings

We are the distributors of Rhino Shield® in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the UAE, professional nano ceramic coatings and car care protection system. Our premium nano coatings are best applied by professional car detailing shops for best performance. Rhino Shield™ is a high quality premium product that outperforms many coatings as compared to other products. Contact us for Distributorship and wholesale inquiries, we provide complete support and training programs.

We are looking for distributors in Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, India, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other countries.

Personal Use Car Ceramic Coatings

Personal use ceramic coatings are easy to apply by following the simple guide or watching the application videos. Most of the car detailing shops charge around AED 1,500 – 2,000 for exterior treatment with ceramic coatings. Our nano ceramic coatings are made to be used at home with easy DIY application. We are the importers and exports of all kind of car care products for professional and personal use.

You can buy our nano ceramic car coatings online via souq.com with shipping all over UAE or order by contacting us, no matter if you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Furjairah, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah or Umm al Quwain, we will deliver nano ceramic coatings at your doorstep with reliable courier services.

CarCeramicCoating.com is the leading supplier and seller of multiple car care products in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and Umm al-Quwain.

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Preserve Your Car’s Showroom Shine

Nano ceramic car coatings helps in maintaining showroom shine for longer period making your car look brand new. It will also help in increasing your car resale values. Our paint protect coatings are available in Dubai and all over UAE with FREE shipping via Souq. We have multiple car care products including: Nano Ceramic Coatings Waterless Environment Friendly Car Wash Car Paint Scratch Removers Car Paint Polishes Car interior Cleaners Car Windshield Nano Coatings Contact us for wholesale or individual inquiries…

car nano ceramic paint protection

Nano Protection

There are different types of nano ceramic car paint coatings with 8h, 9h or 10h hardness. Our coating forms a layer of nano particles on top of car paint protecting…

water repellent car ceramic coating

Water Repellent

Our ceramic coatings are water repellent, which means they give super hydrophobic effect after application. You don't have to worry about acid rain or rainy weather anymore because nano particles…

Car paint UV protection

UV Protection

Your car paint is prone to sun damage when you are living in a country where temperature reaches 50C in summers. You don't have to worry about car paint as…

Our Products

We have range of car care products available at our store from nano ceramic paint coatings to waterless car wash systems. Please contact us if you are looking for one of the following products.

car interior coating supplier

Car Interior Coating

Car interior nano coating helps in preserving your car interior longer and protect against daily use or mishaps when eating in the car. Contact us today regarding our interior nano coatings.

nano car glass coating in Dubai, UAE

Car Glass Coatings

Car Nano Glass Coatings are used for your car windows. It protects your car window from rain and bird drops by providing super hydrophobic effect. Our unique car glass coating also protect your car windows from dust and sand.

car wax polish in Dubai, UAE

Car Wax Polish

Car wax polishing is important for making your car shine before applying any ceramic paint coatings. Our car wax polish is long lasting and provides high gloss finish on your car paint. It comes with a simple DIY application kit allowing you to save AED 200 on car polishing.

waterless car washing kit

Waterless Car Wash

Our innovative waterless car washing kit is the environment friendly and cost saving car washing kit that saves more than AED 1,000 a year on your car washing cost and saves more than 800 liters of water yearly.

car paint scratch remover

Car Paint Scratch Remover

Our DIY car paint scratch removal kits are famous due to easy application and effective performance against hairline scratches and minor paint scratches caused in tight car parkings.

nano ceramic paint coatings supplier in Dubai, UAE

Nano Ceramic Coatings

Looking for nano ceramic coatings in Dubai, UAE? Our range of different nano ceramic coatings protects your car paint longer with easy DIY applications.

Range of Nano Ceramic Coatings

We have a range of nano ceramic coatings for car paint, car windows and car interior. You can buy our DIY nano ceramic paint coating with FREE shipping all over UAE from Souq by clicking the button below. Auto detailing shops and accessories shop can contact us for bulk prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions related to nano ceramic coatings. We have compiled a list of commonly asked questions from the customers. If you need more information, feel free to contact us anytime.

How Much Ceramic Coatings Cost?

There are different types of Nano Ceramic Coatings available in the market. Our Nano Ceramic Car Coatings range between AED 50 to 700, which is more than 90% cheaper than other products and higher in quality. We have bulk packing available as well for auto detailing shops and for private label.

How Many Bottles My Car Needs?

It depends on your requirement and the application. Usually, 30ml is sufficient for normal sized sedan and 50ml can be used for a large SUV. You can apply multiple layers of coating for extra protection. However, it is highly recommended to follow the guide for all the coatings.

How to Remove the Coating?

If there is any issue during the application and you feel like that it hasn’t been applied properly, you need to polish the car within a day with any rotary or dual action polishing machine using soft or medium cut compound or even normal carnauba wax. Once the coating is hardened, it will be difficult to remove. Make sure to follow the guide or you can ask car detailing shops to apply the coatings by paying the labour charges.

Do you Provide Auto Detailing Service?

As of now, we are not providing auto detailing service. However, we have plans to open our own shop for auto detailing in future. If you need help with application of the product, you can contact us and we will guide you.

Do you Provide Ceramic Coatings for Auto Detailing Shops?

We supply to many auto detailing shops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah as well as in other countries like Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morroco, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Polan and many more. Our nano ceramic coatings are widely used by auto detailing shops. You can contact us for special discounted wholesale rates that can be applied when ordered in bulk.

Do you Provide Shipping in Abu Dhabi & Worldwide?

Most of our products are listed on Souq. Hence, we provide SHIPPING all over UAE no matter whether you are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain or Fujairah. We can also ship the products to any country by using courier and EMS. Customers have to bear all the courier and shipping charges.

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