Car Wash Before Detailing the Car

How to Detail a Car Step by Step?

A clean car feels like a clean house. You feel a lot better and happier when you are in it for some journey. Detailing a car internally and externally comprises of several different steps so it’s possible that you might forget and miss some important steps while performing the procedure. This guide will help you to perform your next car detailing job in a proper way by showing the each and every step of detailing a car. Let’s have a look:

Make Sure to Repair the Paintwork before Exterior Detailing

Wash the Wheels and Tires

You should always clean the tires and wheels of a car first in order to avoid any kind of dirt being transferred later. Once you go for cleaning the tires first, it helps you in minimizing the chances of leftover undried water than can etch the paint. Besides that, it is also possible that the dust and overspray will cling to the clean paint. That is why, it is always better to clean the tires and wheels first before performing any other step.

Use quality cleaning materials for the wheels and tires. Work properly on one tire at a time and select soft brushes for cleaning dirt, grease, and other particles.

Clean the Exterior

Start from top to bottom because you don’t want water dripping from the top making your car dirty making the process longer. Get high quality soaps, shampoos, and microfiber towels for cleaning the exterior of a car. Try to prepare everything in an organized manner before starting the washing process because it will help you to cut down the time that is required to wash your car properly.

Once you have washed the exterior of the car completely, it is the time to dry it. You can use a good quality microfiber towel for this purpose because they are known for absorbing a lot of water. They also protect the car’s paint from any kind of damage. Do not leave the car for sun-dry because the water spots will eventually etch into the paint.

Clay the Car

After cleaning the car’s exterior, the next step is to clay the car using a new clay bar. The clay bar is used to remove all kind of microscopic contaminants that hardly leave the car’s surface with washing alone. It is important to hold the clay bar into a shape that fits in your hand comfortably.

A lot of car bar lubricant is required for this purpose so make sure to have plenty of it. Do not forget to use the clay bar on windshield and windows too. Once you reach the point when the clay bar starts moving smoothly with the surface of the car, the process is complete. Now, it is the time to wipe away the car’s surface with a good quality microfiber towel.

Use Polishing

The process of polishing is important if the surface of the car has scratches and swirls. There are different kinds of polishes available in the market depending on their level of abrasiveness. If you do not hold much experience of polishing, we would suggest you to start with a less abrasive polishing in order to minimize the damage. Yes, the more abrasive polishing acts better in removing the scratches and swirls from the car’s surface but the risk of damage increases when you do not know how to handle it properly.

Apply Wax

Now the-almost-final-step of exterior car detailing is to apply wax or paint sealant to give a beautiful shine to the surface of the car. You can choose the natural or synthetic wax depending on the kind of shine you want for your car. Wax is applied to the car’s exterior because it prevents the surface of the car from harsh substances and keeps it lustrous as well as shiny for a long period of time.

Work on the Tyres

Once the tyres of the car are fully dried, it is the time to apply tire shine. Do not drive the car before making sure that the shine has completely dried as it will help to prevent the accumulation of brake dust on the tires.

Stream the Car’s Interior

After the car’s exterior detailing is done, it is time to clean the interior of the car. Remove all the mats or carpets from the inside of the car and stream the interior thoroughly. Stream each and every nook and corner of the car in an organized manner.

Use the Leather Cleaner

The leather seats of your car require a lot of care while you are going through the interior detailing stage. Use a good quality leather cleaner for cleaning the seats. Many times the seats are made up of different sections of vinyl and leather so identify the kind of leather that your seats have and treat them accordingly. Note that the cloth seats require different treatment for cleaning as compared to leather. Thus, make sure to follow the way that is suitable for cleaning the seats of the car.

Remove all the stains

Get rid of all the spots, stains, food spills, and mud to make the interior look nice, comfortable, and beautiful. You may use a soft brush to clean dirt from surfaces like door pockets, door handles, and car creases etc. The air vents contain a lot of dangerous bacteria so use a steam cleaner to fully sanitize them. It will also help you in eliminating the bad odors from the car.

We Recommend Detailing the Interior First to Avoid any Hand Spots on Exterior Later

Clean the dashboard and the mats

Clean the dashboard, console, and the steering wheel properly because these areas are continuously in touch with your hands while you are driving. After streaming the interior, do not forget to stream the mats or carpets too. The mats or carpets usually contain a lot of dust that is why it is necessary to spend enough time to clean them properly. You can also use a good vacuum and carpet shampoo for cleaning them.

Use Ceramic Coatings

Everyone wants to preservice the car’s showroom shine forever and this is where car ceramic coatings play an important role. Use good quality ceramic coatings to protect your car exterior and interior.

Alright. That’s it! Once you have followed the above-listed steps properly, you can guarantee a professional car detailing result for your vehicle.

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