Nano ceramic coated car in Dubai, UAE

Nano Coating: An Investment in Your Car

How is Nano Coating an investment toward your car? Quite often the question hovers in our mind and there are many answers to it. Nano coating obviously costs an extra digit compared to the conventional Teflon coating, but why should it still be pursued is because what it offers is a magnanimous amount against the less effective synthetic wax.

Nano coating or more commonly known as the car ceramic coating is thick glass sheen of about 2 microns applied to the car that acts as a shield against dust, water, weather and the ultraviolet rays of the sun. While, the traditional synthetic wax when applied has a thickness of about 0.2 microns that is 10 times lesser protection that your car paint can actually receive. Not only is the Nano coating equipped with multiple layers to care for the vehicle’s paint, but it also maintains the impeccable glossy shine that seems like the paint is fresh for long, long time. Where the traditional wax coating lasts for a high running car for a few weeks at most because the more a car is exposed to the road, especially those laden with dust and dirt, the quicker the wax effect wears off. However, ceramic coating lasts for a prolonged time period and it’s not before 12-13 months later that the need for another coating arises. For vehicles that are seldom exposed to the environment, it may last longer.

Taking care of cars and maintaining them is handful. A ceramic coat is a clear coat over the vehicle that fastens the paint of the vehicle not only so that it may remain true to its original form but also to guard it from extremities. An ordinary car that faces oxidization causes the paint to completely fade into a metallic grey, which takes away your showroom shine. By applying Nano coating, your vehicle can be rendered ageless due to its now evergreen glow and the internal flaws of your vehicles can easily be hid or overlooked behind that lustrous glaze that would leave all those passing by in awe.

A thick coat of a Nano coating is also adequate protection against the light scratches your vehicle might encounter which is not a luxury for those who use Teflon coating. The minuscule particles of the coating bond with paint in order to repel contaminants and water marks that affect the paint in way that makes it appear dull and uninteresting. If you want your car to look interesting and a coating that is intelligent buy your own Nano Coating from today which is relatively very easy to apply!

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