nano ceramic glass coatings for car windshield and windows

How You Can Protect Your Car Windows at Home

Automotive glass is a special kind of glass that is used only for protecting the individuals inside in case of accidents. This glass is far more durable and does not break or shatter easily as compared to the rest of the glasses. For instance, if you are driving down the highway and observe the nick of a pebble hitting your window, you will find out that there would be no crack and the window will bear the striking attack of the pebble.

However, if the car’s windows are durable, it does not mean that they are indestructible. They usually experience a variety of damages which may lead to hindrance in driving. If the cracks present in the windows of a car are quite severe, your vehicle may also deem to be illegal until you change the windshields.

Top Ways to Protect Car Windows at Home

In order to ensure the proper care of your car’s windows, you do not always need professionals. You can perform this job at your home thus saving some amount of money.

Here are some easy to follow tips listed down that will help you to protect your car’s windows at home. Let’s have a look at them:

  1. Observe the temperature

Intense heat can cause the glass of your car’s windows to expand or contract. With the passage of time, when the windows face extensive heat, the glass gets weaken. Thus, you should always protect your car’s windows from harsh heat by covering them with the shades whenever possible. In addition, you should always park your car in the shade so that the windows can experience less heat.

  1. Change the wind vipers when necessary

Once you observe that the windshield vipers of your car are not performing their job perfectly, you should change them as your first priority. Over time, the wind vipers gradually lose their cleaning ability and shape. This irregular shape of the wind vipers put extra pressure on certain areas of windshield thus damaging it.

  1. Use Nano Ceramic Coating for glass

Today, it is one the best treatment available on the market for maintaining the quality of the glass of car’s windows. The Nano Ceramic Glass Coating greatly bonds the surface of the glass together. This molecular bonding helps to distribute and disburse any sudden impact on the windows. Parallel to that, this coating is also a great choice for protecting the shine and quality of car’s windows.

  1. Do not use harsh chemicals on windows

While washing the windows of your car, try to avoid using harsh chemicals on them. They can strip away the nano ceramic coating and can also lead to glass discoloration. It is best to clean the windows with a homemade solution of water and vinegar. In addition, go for microfiber clothes to clean the car’s windows.

  1. Repair the windshield cracks immediately

For keeping your car in the best possible shape, it is important to keep analyzing its parts from time to time. Whenever you observe a little crack on your car’s windows, you should repair this crack immediately so that damage can be minimized. When you prolong the problem for a long time, it worsens the situations thus leading to extensive damage and expensive repair.

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