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DIY Car Detailing: 6 Simple Steps to Shine Your Car

As we all know that the world of car care and detailing is filled with never-ending options, hypes, as well as choices. If you desire to retain the shine and quality of your car, it is important to have some basic knowledge about the car basics. Understanding the car essentials will not only educate you about the do’s and don’ts but also provide you the necessary confidence to work on yourself on your car.

Many car owners believe that they are nicely fulfilling their duty by taking the car to the hands-free car wash once in a month. However, the harsh industrial blow dryers and robotic brushes that are used for washing the car just do not seem to do the trick because you will still see minor scratches, bird dropping stains, and paint swirls.

5 Major Steps of DIY Car Detailing

If you love your car, the best option to maintain its shine and quality for a long period of time is to use the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Car Detailing tips. The DIY technique is cost effective as the products and tools that you buy can last for more than 1 detail thus highly minimizing the cost of frequent professional detailing sessions.

Let’s discuss some major DIY Car Detailing steps below:

  1. Analyze the Condition of Your Car

Before moving towards washing your car, it is important to evaluate the condition of your vehicle so that you may decide how it should be cleaned. If your car is new and already has a good quality of paint on it, you will only need simple wash and wax for it. On the other hand, if your car contains average to neglected exterior, you will have to clean and polish it as well.

  1. Washing the Car

When you wash your car, it removes all the dirt, stains, and mud that is present. While washing the car, make sure to use the car washing soap not the dish cleaner or liquid detergent because they can possibly strip away the wax as well as damage the paint. In addition, before going for any car cleaning chemical, always try to read the label. The best option is to buy microfiber clothes for paint, wheels, and windows. Try to keep separate clothes for each part and wash them after every use.

  1. Evaluate the Car Surface for scratches

After you have washed the car, all the scratches, swirls, bonded contaminants, and oxidation in paint will be clearly visible on the surface. In order to remove the scratches that are present below the car surface, you should use some compound. You can apply it by using a dual-action polisher or applicator pads. If the scratches are not gone, you may need to have 2nd or 3rd application too.

Similarly, you may use clay bar to treat the bonded contaminants present of the car. It will wipe away everything that is present on the car and will restore its smoothness.

  1. Use Polishing for Extra Shine

Many people just rush to the next step of car detailing which is wax applying without realizing that it will enhance the pain as well as conceal subtle blemishes on the surface of the car. For truly vanishing the defects present on your car’s exterior, it is a good choice to polish the paint of your car first. You can apply polish using your hands or dual-action polisher. It will add extra gloss to the car especially if the vehicle is dark colored.

  1. Apply Wax

Waxing basically performs the job of sunscreen for your car. It protects your car’s shine and paint from the UV rays parallel to providing the high gloss finish. When you apply wax on your car’s surface, it adds all the necessary depth and shine that make your car shine among the rest of the cars. Besides that, you will also see a clear difference in the touch of your car after applying wax. There are different kinds of waxes available on the market, so you can choose the one that suits your budget as well as your requirements in the best manner possible.

  1. Nano Ceramic Coatings

If you have done all the above treatments for your car, you can use car ceramic coatings for extra shine, scratch protection, dust protection and protection from extreme weather conditions. There are many DIY nano ceramic coatings are available that you can easily apply following the simple guide. They lasts more than 1 year and be reapplied anytime when needed.

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