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What is Car Ceramic Coating?

Just as fragile items are wrapped in bubble wrap in order to maintain their true pristine form, car experts have found an astonishingly better way to preserve the timelessness of your car. With the exciting introduction of ceramic coating or Nano coating, the showroom shine of your precious car stays intact.

This extensive way of applying a thick shiny and durable clear coating over cars has been proved a hundred times more effective than the old Teflon coats. While, Teflon coats were a thin layer of synthetic wax, the innovative Nano coating is a thick film of 2 microns with an eternal glistening impact. The application of ceramic coating may be a slightly expensive alternative but not without cause, it is way more long lasting and more successful in protecting the car from the evils of chemicals and tarnishing. The best thing about this ceramic coating is that you can be more carefree in cleaning your car. The application of nano ceramic coatings is a tedious thing to do, but you can always choose between DIY application or professional by auto detailing shop.  However, it is notable that where you may need to apply wax twice a month for an exhausting car, one coat of Nano coating lasts about more than a year or so!

The astonishing fact is that not does it brings out the shine in old worn out cars, it also protects your vehicle from all kinds of antioxidants. Car Ceramic coating acts like a friendly car-care cream which eliminates the bonding of contaminants with the car’s paint. Thus, preventing oxidation! Chemical etching is just one of the profound benefits of ceramic coating. There is no greasy after effect like the one that is noticed after Teflon coatings, ceramic provides a car with a more porcelain luster without any slickness. The Nano coating is a strong shield against weather extremities for car owners who love long drives and travelling in harsh weathers. The Nano ceramic coating is equipped with hydrophobic technology to fend of water marks from your car and acts as a sunscreen for your car to shield it from UV rays of the sun. Not only it does this, but ceramic coating also provides substantial protection against light scratches on your vehicle due to its thick layer of glossy fortification.

The above is more than enough evidence of the efficiency of Nano coating in cost and operation alike. However, it should only be purchased from a reliable source for the very best results for your vehicles. So visit, largest supplier of DIY and Professional ceramic coatings, best place in UAE to get your ceramic coating!

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