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9H Mr. Fix Nano Ceramic Coating Review – Do Not Buy

We have to put this review as we are one of the biggest importers of Mr. Fix product from China in UAE. The product quality used to be very good when we first imported in UAE and it was selling for AED 199. Due to non-registration of the brand, many copied the products in China and started to destroy the product quality.

Now, the product is selling in under 1$ on different market places. I always wonder that how a real nano ceramic coating product can be sold for under $30?

However, people love cheap products and don’t want to spend a lot of money, they still risk their expensive cars for saving few dollars.

Recently, we imported the 9H MR. Fix from one of the supplier at cheap price because our competitors were selling the product so cheap that I was baffled that how is it possible.

It was the biggest mistake as we had to destroy the product and had over $5000 loss. The company where we ordered the product is Hunan Shuang Cheng Washing Products Co., Ltd.

However, they keep changing their names once they have bad reviews and relaunch with another name.

Why You Should Not Purchase Cheap Products for Your Car?

You might own a cheapest car worth $10,000 or even a used one in $5,000, it is hard earned money and you cannot risk it for saving $25.

We had a conversation with one of the manufacturers of nano ceramic coatings and they said, “sir, please do understand that real product can never be that cheap, we are manufacturers and we know. It is simply a fraud and they are not nano ceramic coating”

Mr. Fix 9H is Highly Flammable

Mr. Fix 9H is now very highly flammable, you can try by putting few drops and you’ll be surprised that it catches fire like a petrol.

9H Mr. Fix Creates too Much Gas

The cheap quality product creates too much gas that makes the bottles to leak or opens with a pressure.

Liquid is Irritating to Skin

This new liquid is very irritating to the skin and have very bad chemical odor that is unbearable. We got one customer on Amazon and he complaint about the product.

9H Mr. Fix Does Not Form Crystals

The product does not form crystals but acts like a liquid gas that becomes solid. It gives like an ice finish rather that shiny crystals.

Bottles are Half Empty

All the bottles are half empty and the reason is that if you fill the full bottle, it will explode. We had shipment with more than 60% damaged and leak.

9H Mr. Fix is not a Brand

There is no brand owner because of this more than 10 different companies are now producing Mr. Fix product. This has lead to price war and the product quality has significantly gone down over the years.

Mr. Fix is not a Nano Ceramic Coating

A lot of professional shop owners in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other emirates often ask us that do you have Mr. Fix and we laugh that why do you need it? They said customers want cheap product and I answer how can they risk their expensive cars with some random chemical?

It is not nano ceramic coating, but simple chemical that reacts with Oxygen and air.

Beware of these Products

There are many other products being sold by the above supplier and be aware as they copy the products and sell them cheap.

Do not buy following:

  1. 9H Mr. Fix (Anything cheaper than $10, stay away)
  2. Veteran
  3. Mr. Fix Black (Again stay away from cheap product less than $10)
  4. Shield 9H (if it is by same people, stay away if it is cheaper than $10)
  5. Glasklare
  6. DPro (The original product is Made in Japan and is very expensive)
  7. Sikeo
  8. Nano Bond (Original Nano Bond is expensive if you find anything cheaper than $20, stay away)
  9. Armor Shield IX (AvalonKing, made by same company and quality is good)

We are selling the products on Amazon and other websites, this review is written to educate people as they thing that they are buying a good product.

9H Mr. Fix is not a nano ceramic coating, it will damage your car. We have the good quality one available as well.

How to make sure you have the right Mr. Fix?

We have one product, which doesn’t catch the fire and you can test by pouring the liquid and it will not catch fire. It is also not very cheap like the other people are selling, if you need the good quality product in wholesale, you can contact us.

This article is written to make awareness about Mr. Fix so that people buy only real nano ceramic coatings otherwise, these cheap products can do more damage than good to your car.

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