nano bond nano ceramic coating

NANO BOND Car Ceramic Coating

The all new Nano Bond utilizes the latest Nano technology to protect your car like no other. It provides you an anti-scratch glass-like defensive shield that keeps your paint intact for years. The name Nano Bond is given to the product due to the product’s nature. The product contains of a transparent chemical that comprises of Nano particles of molecules. When applied to the surface of the car, the miniscule particles of the coating bond with the particles of the paint in such a way it fasten all the pores and develops a protective layer. Hence, the name Nano Bond.

Nano ceramic coating doesn’t only provide a glossy shine to your car but is also abrasion resistance and can repel scratches with its thick protective film. While its hydrophobic effect repels water which makes it easier to clean and avoid water marks on the paint, it also shields the car from oxidization. This means you won’t have to think about your paint getting defiled or the harsh climate affecting your car’s ethereal shine or the blazing sun rays causing UV damage at least till next Christmas. Nano Bond has got it covered.

Why buy Nano Bond? Our product is the best in the market in terms of latest technology used and has a durability guaranteed to last longer and is more resistive in terms of protection than any other competitive products. We believe in serving you right for your money and delivering it to your doorstep directly. Our product will prove the best investment yet in your car.

The coating applied once is sufficient to last for years and it comes in an easy to apply DIY kit with simple instructions that are also sound at the back of package. Follow the instructions given below and obtain a diamond like shine:

Note: The DIY package includes of a 30ml bottle that contains the chemical, a sponge to apply the coating and a microfiber cloth to buff the car to perfection.

  • Wrap the cloth around the sponge and apply exactly 4 drops of Nano Bond on it
  • Apply the coating in straight lines. First horizontally and then vertically to the area about half the size of the hood.
  • Make sure to apply 1 to 2 drops whenever the sponge feels dry or you can’t see any product being applied to the surface.
  • Immediately after applying the coat, buff the surface gently with the microfiber cloth in circular motions.
  • We recommend folding the cloth and using one side for the first stage of an initial buffing and then the other side of the cloth for a more thorough buffing.
  • To achieve best results, make sure that the surface is completely clean and dry.

Is there any difference between Nano Bond and Armor Shield IX and Mr. Fix?

Most of our customers ask what is the difference between Nano Bond, Armor Shield IX and Mr. Fix nano ceramic coating? There is no difference between Nano Bond and Armor Shield IX both are high quality nano ceramic coatings with a shelf life of 3 – 5 years. However, Mr. Fix is a cheap coating and is less expensive and lasts couple of months less than the above two. The application and usage of all three is same.

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