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Car Ceramic Coating: Keep Your Showroom Shine Intact

Don’t you just love your car after it gets released from the showroom or whenever it gets serviced? Don’t you just love that divine sparkle radiating from your car from front bumper to rear, adding beauty to its already beautiful exterior? No one ever judges your car by the kind of mileage it offers, what people admire when your car passes by is the sheer shine of it that distinguishes it from all the others in the parking lot, no matter how old your model is.

Car scientists have now found a brilliant way to preserve the showroom gleam of your car so that it may never have to face criticism despite being a few months out of the shop! It is none other than the Nano coating or car ceramic coating formula that has been rocking the markets. It is no doubt, till this day, the best way to preserve your car paint and shield it from dust, dirt, scratches and other oxidants. Car ceramic coating has proved surprisingly long lasting compared to the traditional Teflon coating. Where, the need to lather your car in synthetic wax arises every few weeks, the Nano coating keeps going on long enough to forget when you last had it done!

It doesn’t age or fade life Teflon coatings, it acts as an expiatory layer of glass around your car that does not only provide an impeccable shine but also guards it against the most unsympathetic climatic conditions. Its UV protections offers a defensive shield against the abrasive rays of the sun and weather pollutants that so that your paint does not turn a paler shade. However, synthetic wax to a minor extent may provide oxidization resistance, it fails to hoard abominations and electrochemical reactions such as rust and corrosion.

Ceramic coating offers the complete package, it eases the cleaning procedure of a car with the help of its hydrophobic formula which keeps it water repugnant so that the droplets to not leave marks and mud will have a hard time affecting the vehicle’s paint. Moreover, it also provides an enhanced glossy exterior and a higher resistance against chemical etching. While, this kind of damage is more popular in vehicles that are used to the traditional Teflon veneer, a ceramic coated car would be prone to such things. Furthermore, the ceramic paint to a major extent protects the vehicle from scratches and whirl marks due to its thick layer of coating.

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