Car paint UV protection

UV Protection

Your car paint is prone to sun damage when you are living in a country where temperature reaches 50C in summers. You don't have to worry about car paint as nano ceramic coating protects the paint against UV rays. Enjoy the sun in your car whether...

water repellent car ceramic coating

Water Repellent

Our ceramic coatings are water repellent, which means they give super hydrophobic effect after application. You don't have to worry about acid rain or rainy weather anymore because nano particles makes your car paint water repellent.

car nano ceramic paint protection

Nano Protection

There are different types of nano ceramic car paint coatings with 8h, 9h or 10h hardness. Our coating forms a layer of nano particles on top of car paint protecting it from scratches and swirls with 9h hardness. Our nano ceramic coatings are easy...