Rhinoshield® – Professional Glass Nano Ceramic Coating

د.إ2,000.00 د.إ1,400.00

You car windows and windshield is as important as your car paint that is why we have unique nano ceramic formula that protects your car windows. Rhino Shield Professional Glass Nano Ceramic Coating provides 6 months protection with super hydrophobic effect, enhanced clarity and more dust protection.


Rhinoshield  – Professional Glass Nano Ceramic Coating coating is the professional glass coating for windows, which makes your car windows more clear. This fluorine based ceramic coating provides super hydrophobic effect and makes your car screen more clear. The unique formula keeps your car windshield protected from stones chips, dust, bird droppings and all kinds of liquid. One application will provide 6 months of enhanced clarity.

  • Glass Nano Ceramic Coating
  • Made in Japan
  • More Clarity
  • Super Hydrophobic
  • Dust Protection
  • Liquid Protection

Available in bulk packing of 1 liter for distributors, wholesalers and auto detailing shops.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Shelf LIfe

2-3 Years


Fluorine based coating


5 Liter